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Fuel Your Fitness is a nutrition program that fits into any lifestyle, whether you are bodybuilder, CrossFitter, weightlifter, triathlete, weekend warrior, or someone who can only fit in exercise on occasion. Our program is designed to help you improve your relationship with food while feeling, performing, and looking better.



“Georgette’s program helped me lose ten pounds in less than two months without starving myself or giving up the occasional — ok, more than occasional — adult beverage.  Between the program and her motivation, I’m looking and feeling better at 35 than I did at 25 and doing it all without sacrificing life’s guilty pleasures.”
John Pontius, Private Equity

“I am very happy and finally comfortable with the way my body looks and how clothes fit. I no longer feel like a stuffed sausage in my skinny jeans. The best thing is how everyone is noticing even the subtle changes in my body and the compliments they give. I’m really happy to be doing this.”
– Mae Hauser, Facilities Manager

“As someone who has been trying different diets for over 15 years with little to no success, flexible eating has given me a way to improve my physique without feeling the restriction of a typical diet.”
– Bill Gallagher, Gym Owner

fullsizerender-1“Georgette showed me how to see food as fuel while understanding that sometimes a donut is absolutely necessary. With her nutrition guidance, I was able to take my training, health, and performance to a level I hadn’t imagined possible.”
– Morgan Machette, Restaurant Manager

dscf6360“Before FYF, I was in good shape and ate healthy. But, as soon as I started my program with Georgette, I saw an increase in pure muscle mass and huge strength improvements in the gym.”
Pete Koumasidis, Accountant

“I broke my ankle so my ability to exercise was sporadic. Despite this, my weight has stayed off since I started tracking my macros. My metabolism has changed and I am a true believer. Georgette has been an unbelievably motivating factor in my journey.”
– Trish Devine, Managing Director & Mother of Three

It’s not rocket science…but it is science.

We know it’s hard to believe that you could lose body fat while eating the foods you love. But trust us. The proof is in the results.