Hungry? Start Eating for Volume

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While it’s wonderful that flexible eating allows you the ability to eat pizza and cake, we’re all still adults and need to make decisions that are appropriate for our goals. Yes, we want you to eat whole, nutritious foods because they are better for your general health and well-being (micronutrients, we’re looking at you!) but that just becomes all the more important when you’re trying to lose weight.

When on a cut, it’s important to eat for volume. Why? Because filling your macros with calorie dense foods like donuts and lattes will keep you unsatisfied and hungry. Not to mention, your diet will be lacking in the essentials — vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc.

Eating low quality, calorie dense foods also makes it nearly impossible to hit your protein goal without having to chug a couple of shakes. And trust us, there’s nothing more gross than chugging a Blender Bottle full of three scoops and water before bed.

Allow us to illustrate the point:

Left: 25 grams of sour gummy bears. Right: 260 grams of raw broccoli.

Both amounts pictured above contain 17 grams of carbs. The broccoli, however, offers 10x the volume of the gummy bears, not to mention the almost 7 grams of fiber to help you feel full even longer. The point? Eat for volume, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.




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