Athlete Profile: Mae Hauser

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Meira “Mae” Hauser. Currently, I am an Operations Manager at a national facilities management firm.

Why did you start flexible eating?

My main reason for starting was to tone my body and to reduce my overall body fat percentage. Also, the previous diet I was doing was a little more restrictive on what I could eat and I was sick of depriving myself of certain things, like cheese, milk, and some carbs.

What is your personal definition of flexible eating?

I can eat whatever I want, within reason. I have described this many times to people. I am only given a certain amount of carbs, protein, and fat a day and all I have to worry about is not going over those numbers. It’s up to me if I want to have cookies, but know that cookies will use a lot of my macros which means I will probably end up hungrier than if chose something more substantial and maybe a little less tasty.

What was your diet like before flexible eating?

I was counting calories, tried to stay under 1900 a day. No complex carbs, no dairy, and minimal processed sugars/foods. I gave myself a cheat day every 10 days. I lost 15 pounds doing this so I was happy but I was plateauing and needed something to change.

What has been your biggest breakthrough since flexible eating?

Well, I am much more toned in such a short period of time. I actually have abs now and love the way my clothes fit. Not to mention, it’s awesome being able to eat english muffins every morning or having pancakes on the weekend. In my old way of eating, that was such a no-no.

What are your goals regarding flexible eating and beyond?

One of my goals is to get to 19-20% body fat by the summer. Also, to continue to try new things and recipes to keep things fresh. I don’t want to get bored. Beyond that, I want to stay healthy, be in good shape, and continue to get stronger, faster, and better with regards to my workout/CrossFit goals.

What are your three most important guidelines you give yourself?

  • YOLO. If I want pizza or a burger, I find a way to fit it in one day a week.
  • Have a protein shake every morning. I cannot go a day without one.
  • TRACK TRACK TRACK. Even if I know I am not going to hit my numbers or may be way off for some reason, I still track everything. I am a creature of habit and once I fall out the habit, it is extremely hard for me to go back.

What is the best piece of advice you wish you had when starting flexible eating that could help newbies?

Play with the app (MyFitnessPal) and pre-plan your days. Once you start pre-planning, you’ll know exactly what you can have and can’t. Also, you can adjust your intake of things throughout the day and change if you want. I pre-plan and just eat everything I said I would. Weighing food gets easier. It’s a little annoying at first, but then you get used it. Also, do not overthink. It’s ok to not hit your numbers or to indulge every once in a while. Just don’t make it a habit.

Additional comments?

Have fun with it. I hope everyone will at least give it a try.

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