Behind the Transformation: John Pontius

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Ron Mexico [He’s kidding; his name is John Pontius].  I’m a desk jockey in the field of financial services and consume massive amounts of cold brew coffee.

What’s your why?

After years of getting away with poor eating habits, father time (35 years old) started to catch up with me and exercise and sports were no longer enough.  That’s a very fancy of way of saying, I got fat and wanted to take my shirt off in the pool.

What is your personal definition of flexible eating?

Making Georgette happy.

What was your diet like before flexible eating?

Before flexible eating, my diet had very little focus.  Some meals I would eat healthy, others I would binge.  At times – random days, not even weeks – I would go light on carbs but gave no regard to fat content.  Alcohol was a close friend.  Unnecessarily large dinners with red meat were a staple.  Sugary snacks were routine.

What has been your biggest breakthrough since flexible eating?

The biggest breakthrough is two part.  First, I’ve learned a lot about what goes into my body, how it reacts to it, and the nutritional values associated with various foods.  I had been given “Eat This, Not That” a long time ago but it didn’t stick until I had a few weeks under my belt in FYF.

Second, I truly believe my subconscious has learned to eat less and eat better.  I still have cheat days and splurge but my cravings are fewer and farther between.  My appreciation for eating leaner meats when cooked or seasoned to my liking (chicken, pork, fish) has improved dramatically.  Picking healthier foods with better macros isn’t something I pat myself on the back for anymore, it’s what I choose because I prefer it.

What are your goals regarding flexible eating and beyond?

My goals are a little up in the air right now.  Part of me wants to lose a little more weight and the other wonders if it’s time to use macros to gain some muscle mass.  Avoiding going back to bulging love handles and tight pants is a required fundamental and not a goal.

What are your three most important guidelines you give yourself?

  • Track your food and weight.  Real time information gives your brain the data it needs to eat right.  It’s easy to forget by dinner time that lunch was 1,000+ calories if you don’t log it.

  • Cheat meals or days are OK but don’t let it become a full blown habit.  When you start to see ice cream or negative fat macros show up 3 or 4 days in a row, set a quick goal to avoid it or hit the macro for the next three days.

  • Meal prep makes the week easy.  Put in the time on Sunday or Monday and reap the rewards all week.

What is the best piece of advice you wish you had when starting flexible eating that could help newbies?

Set short term goals to help you get started and feel like you’re accomplishing something even though it will take time to hit your end goals. A goal for the first two weeks alone could be as simple as “log your food and spend time on Sunday’s going to the grocery store and planning out that week’s meals.”  Like most things in life, blocking and tackling get you to the end zone, not practicing one handed, acrobatic catches.  Find a way to get started and get the momentum, the rest will take care of itself.

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