Behind the Transformation: Kelly Wolfe

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kelly Wolfe, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

What’s your why?

I started tracking in May, I had just had my second child and my body felt even more wrecked than after the first baby. I was working hard at the gym and it just made sense to address my nutrition.

What is your personal definition of flexible eating or tracking macros?

It means being able to make about a billion food combinations work on an everyday basis, and still feel and look great, but without the guilt. I get to have almost anything I want, but the key is portion control and balance.

What was your diet like before tracking macros?

I had a horrible diet. I would wake up not hungry, and with my busy schedule I would go through my day rushing around until about 3 pm when I would be ravenous. At that point, I would make all the wrong choices, do the easiest/fastest thing around, and regret it later.

What has been your biggest breakthrough since tracking macros?

I have made AMAZING strength gains in the gym, and I was extremely happy with that, but I was honestly a little bummed that the numbers on the scale were not going down faster. That is, until Georgette showed me the original picture I sent her compared to now. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and now I truly get that it is not just about the number on the scale. I’ve lost a good amount of weight, but the fat loss, energy increase, and overall performance on a daily basis is astounding.

What are your goals regarding flexible eating and beyond?

I want to reach my pre-baby weight (as in, before I became a Mom 3 ½ years ago) by February, that will be one year since I had my son.

Ultimately, I really just want to be a strong and confident person for my kids. As they grow up, I want them to see how to make the right choices and be confident and comfortable in their skin.

What are the most important guidelines you give yourself?

1. Start off the morning right and get your protein in. If I don’t do this, it is definitely an uphill battle all the way. It’s easy for me at the end of the day to add in carbs and fats, harder to add just protein.

2. Do not skip meals!!! Like, NEVER. In fact, when in doubt, eat a snack.

3. Preplan!!! Crock pot chicken breast is our go-to for easy low fat protein (my husband, Brian, also tracks his macros). You can add it to almost anything, pesto sauce, hot sauce, marinara sauce, etc. to compliment the other foods you want to eat.

What is the best piece of advice you wish you had when starting flexible eating that could help newbies?

Simple meals are best. Before tracking I made some amazingly complex meals, but to track those is so difficult. Instead, our family eats a lot of simple meals of protein, veggies, and starches.

Commit to it. I would say the first 2 months I tried to but I didn’t hit my numbers seriously and although I saw results, it wasn’t until I really committed that I started seeing changes on a week to week basis.

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