Behind the Transformation: Karin McShane

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m a lawyer turned stay-at-home Mom, foodie, wine lover, and Crossfitter.

What’s your why?

I started tracking macros six months ago.  I was making great gains at the gym, but the numbers on the scale had been creeping up steadily and I knew my nutrition needed to be addressed. When I heard about this diet that didn’t ban donuts, I rushed to sign up!

What is your personal definition of flexible eating or tracking macros?

My progress has been slow and steady with some ups and downs. At times I would take two steps forward only to slide one step back after indulging over a fun weekend, vacation or holiday.  But Georgette always got me back on track. I have learned that for me, flexible eating means more than just being “able” to eat a donut or enjoy a glass of wine once in a while.  It means working steadily toward my goals without letting occasional transgressions, big or small, lead to total failure.  It is truly a framework for REAL life.

What was your diet like before tracking macros?

I was eating mostly healthy foods, but in the wrong proportions.  For example, WAY too much fat in the name of Paleo, too little protein, and a TON of empty carbs — that daily “glass” of wine was a killer!

What has been your biggest breakthrough since tracking macros?

My biggest breakthrough came when I realized that tracking macros has become second nature.  I decided to leave my food scale at home during a recent family vacation, yet I was always conscious of my macros when it came to food choices and portion sizes.  While I wasn’t hitting my numbers that week, I knew I was further ahead of the game than I otherwise would have been, and I was eager to get back to it when I returned.

What are your goals regarding flexible eating and beyond?

I am very close to hitting my initial long-term weight and fat loss goals (which seemed unattainable at first) so there is still work to be done there.  Beyond that, I find macro counting to be a sustainable, long-term approach to nutrition that will help me keep unwanted pounds off and feel well fueled during my workouts without being deprived of the foods that I love.  I plan to stick with this indefinitely!

What are the most important guidelines you give yourself?

Plan ahead. I come up with a rough game plan for my meals and snacks and enter them into MyFitnessPal early in the day.  Having that framework helps me hit my numbers in a balanced way without having to eat a bag of turkey jerky washed down with a protein shake at 10 p.m., or conversely, having limited options at dinnertime because of what I ate earlier in the day.

Tomorrow is a new day.  If I happen to let things slip for a day, holiday weekend, or even a week-long vacation, I put it behind me and get right back on track.  I’ve learned that my gains won’t be erased overnight.

What is the best piece of advice you wish you had when starting tracking macros that could help newbies?

Give it time – not everyone crushes it from day one.  It took me a couple of months before I really got the hang of tracking and I’ve hit some bumps along the way.  But if you stick with it, the incremental progress really does add up!

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