Here’s what you need from the grocery store to hit your macros

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Everyone’s shopping list will look a bit different based on their tastes and needs but soon into your journey, you’ll figure out what your go-to favorites are. Until then, we’ve created this guide of the essential grocery goodies to help you:

✅ Get everything you need to crush the week
✅ Get in and out of the grocery store in a flash
✅ Save some dollar dollar bills, ya’ll

Here’s How it Goes:

Breakfast (Build a staple breakfast for the week)
At home…
⚡️ Whole Eggs
⚡️ Egg Whites
⚡️ Toast
⚡️ Avocado
⚡️ Berries
⚡️ Bacon
⚡️ Turkey/Chicken Sausage

On the go…
⚡️ Greek Yogurt
⚡️ Oats
⚡️ English Muffin / Bagel
⚡️ Nut Butters
⚡️ Cheese

So, breakfast at home could be two whole eggs, avocado toast, and 4oz of strawberries. Breakfast on the go could be overnight oats, or oatmeal, or greek yogurt, or a toasted English muffin with eggs and/or cheese or nut butter. Now, for lunch and dinner…

Protein (Pick Two)
⚡️ Chicken Breast
⚡️ Chicken Thighs
⚡️ Pork Chops
⚡️ Pork Tenderloin
⚡️ Ground Turkey
⚡️ Ground Chicken
⚡️ Ground Beef (lean)
⚡️ Deli Meat
⚡️ Lean Fish
⚡️ Shellfish

Veggies (Pick Two)
⚡️ Broccoli
⚡️ Brussels Sprouts
⚡️ Cauliflower
⚡️ Zucchini
⚡️ Leafy Greens (Spinach, Kale)
⚡️ Zucchini
⚡️ Spaghetti Squash
⚡️ Carrots
⚡️ Corn
⚡️ Peppers
⚡️ Mushrooms

Grains/Starches (Pick Two)
⚡️ Potatoes
⚡️ Sweet potatoes
⚡️ Bread
⚡️ Rice
⚡️ Pasta
⚡️ Couscous
⚡️ Quinoa

Fats (Pick Two)
⚡️ Oil (coconut, olive)
⚡️ Mayonaise
⚡️ Butter (grass-fed)
⚡️ Avocado
⚡️ Cheese
⚡️ Olives
⚡️ Chia Seeds

At this point, you have everything you need for your three main meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I use the Rule of 2s (shoutout to Laurie Christine King for this idea) where I plan lunch and dinner by picking:

⚡️ 2 Proteins for the week (ex: chicken breast, grass-fed ground beef)
⚡️ 2 Carbohydrates for the week (ex: sweet potatoes, brown rice)
⚡️ 2 Fats for the week (ex: avocado, extra virgin olive oil)
⚡️ 2 Veggies for the week (ex: asparagus, broccoli)

Lunch then becomes: chicken breast, sweet potatoes, avocado, and asparagus.
Dinner then becomes: ground beef, rice, extra virgin olive oil, and broccoli.

You can add condiments as needed. Our personal favorites include salsa (super macro friendly and gives an extra kick of flavor to almost any meal) and greek yogurt or tzatziki (the Trader Joe’s tzatziki is also really macro friendly). Other options are mustard, ketchup, herbs, seasonings (obviously you’ll want to use these when prepping your protein), and hot sauce.

Now, for snacks…

Protein-Dominant Snacks
⚡️ Epic Bars
⚡️ Protein shakes
⚡️ Deli Turkey
⚡️ Turkey jerky
⚡️ Collagen peptides

Carb-Dominant Snacks
⚡️ Apples
⚡️ Bananas
⚡️ Berries
⚡️ Melons
⚡️ Peaches
⚡️ Plums
⚡️ Apricot
⚡️ Pineapple
⚡️ Mango
⚡️ Kiwi
⚡️ Cereal
⚡️ Granola

Fat-Dominant Snacks
⚡️ Avocado
⚡️ Nuts
⚡️ Nut Butters
⚡️ Cheese

Carb & Fat Dominant Snacks
⚡️ Donuts
⚡️ Cookies
⚡️ Ice Cream
⚡️ Chocolate
⚡️ Banana & Nut Butter
⚡️ Apples & Nutella

Carb & Protein Dominant Snacks
⚡️ Kodiak cakes
⚡️ Flapjacked Muffins
⚡️ Oats & Protein Powder
⚡️ Protein Bars
⚡️ Non-fat chocolate milk

Protein & Fat Dominant Snacks
⚡️ Whole milk
⚡️ Cheese
⚡️ Whole cottage cheese
⚡️ Beef jerky

If you have questions about the information above or want to work with a nutrition coach to start working towards your goals, reach out at!

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