Gut Issues? Here’s How You Might Improve Them.

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If you are bloated often, have constant stomach aches, or find yourself often praying that today is the day you actually up go to the bathroom, then this post is for you.

We don’t talk gut health a lot. It’s a subject that’s normally taboo but it’s finally taking the forefront in the conversation, and for good reason. Your gut health plays a major role in your ability to perform your best, lose body fat, as well as contribute to your general sense of well-being.

Here are signs that your gut health could use a little attention:

⚡Irregular bowel movements (not going number two at least 1-3 times a day)
⚡Thyroid issues

How to optimize gut health via diet/lifestyle:

⚡Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water
⚡Ensure you’re eating enough fiber: 25g+ for the ladies, 35g+ for the guys
⚡Pinpointing trigger foods via food intolerance testing (Everlywell) or elimination diets (like Whole30)

*If you’re drinking enough water, eating enough fiber, and avoiding trigger foods, there may be an underlying issue that you should discuss with a doctor. Normally, functional doctors are very well-versed in pinpointing and treating issues like SIBO and H. Pylori.

Supplements to consider if your gut can use a little TLC:

⚡Probiotic (Garden of Life)
⚡Collagen Peptides (Vital Proteins)
⚡Bone Broth (Kettle + Fire)
⚡Fermented foods (kimchi, kefir, kombucha)

*Supplements always take a backseat to dietary and lifestyle factors, so don’t start spending a ton of money on supplements if you’re still not drinking enough water or consuming enough fiber.

Have questions about the above or want to work one-on-one with a coach? Apply here.

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