The Open Has Arrived!

And it hasn’t disappointed; starting out with a burner!

60 Cal Row
50 Toes To Bar
40 Wallballs
30 Cleans
20 Muscle Ups

Once I do the workout tomorrow, I will be sending out a video with nutrition strategies, recovery strategies and even some workout tips (you can check that out in our Facebook group). With this type of workout, it’s going to be important to fuel properly the night before as well as the morning/day of so we are sending you some tips tonight!


  • You want to aim to have a well balanced dinner with protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Do NOT try new foods tonight. Keep it simple and to foods you know you digest well.
  • You want to add an addition 20-40g more carbs to dinner. Think whole grains, rice, sweet potatoes, etc. Quality counts!
  • HYDRATE! The day before your workout you want to aim to have a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. We also suggest mixing in at least one serving of electrolytes.



  • If you are completing the workout first thing in the morning, and you have fueled properly the night before, it’s reasonable to go into the workout fasted.
  • If you are completing the workout later in the day, or in the evening, keep your main meals relatively normal and simple. Protein, Carbs, Veggies. Do NOT try new foods, fried foods, or foods high in fat pre-workout. We want to go into this workout feeling light and slightly hungry, so don’t eat anything but a small, high-carb snack 60-90 minutes before you do the workout.
    • If your appetite is up for it, increase carbohydrates by 20g per meal during the day before the workout (but not in the meal that’s right before the workout). For example, if you’re doing the workout at 5:30pm, add an extra 20g of carbs to breakfast and lunch).



  • This workout is primarily a body weight, endurance workout, so we want to feel light and energetic. We also want our cortisol to be a little higher (cortisol is our fight-or-flight hormone, which we normally want to be low, but allowing it to come up can help increase performance if you manipulate it responsibly). For that reason, we suggest not eating within 60-90 mins pre-workout.
    • However, If you had lunch at 12pm, but your workout is at 6pm, we suggest having a small carb dense snack 60-90 mins before to refill your energy stores. Think: oats, toast with honey, banana, rice cakes, etc. This is a short, high-intensity workout and carbs are the quickest source of energy for one like this.
  • Caffeine may be a performance supplement to consider for this workout via coffee or pre-workout.


Remember don’t get caught up in the leaderboard or on whether you had to scale. Have fun, test your limits, and find out where you need to improve. This is all about pushing yourself and having fun.

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