Before we get into this, note that these goals I set are specific to my body and my lifestyle. Yours likely will be different so use this as a reference, definitely not as something you should replicate.

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Because I’m focused on fat loss, I eat about 1,850 calories day with a protein goal of 150g.⁠

When in fat loss, two things are really important:⁠

  • eating in a caloric deficit
  • increasing protein to maintain lean muscle mass

Here’s a visual breakdown of what I eat in a day. Keep scrolling if you want an idea of when I eat them and what these things are:
















  • 6am – workout
  • 6:45am – recovery water by @ascent_protein
  • 8am – breakfast (two eggs, chicken sausage, English muffin)
  • 11am – green juice by @lovesuja
  • 12:30pm – lunch (kale salad with shrimp)
  • 4pm – black raspberry Greek yogurt
  • 7pm – dinner (shrimp, brown rice, and broccoli)
  • 8:30pm – dessert (coffee brownie ice cream sandwich)

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